While I was born in Ingersoll, ON and spent my adolescent years living just north of Thorndale, I have always referred to London, ON as my hometown. I left London in August 1995 to attend Regent College in Vancouver, BC. I studied and worked at the college until 2008 when I moved with my wife, three children and our dog to Waco, TX. I had been admitted by the Religion Department of Baylor University into their Doctoral Program.

In April 2016, due to a number of factors, I decided to forego the dissertation and accept my MA in Religion. With that decision came many other decisions, one important and difficult decision was where to live. In the end, we decided to return to my hometown of London, ON. A key factor in this decision was that it would bring us closer to both of our extended families.

Having entitled this blog the forest city blogger, I intend to have a great deal of posts on this blog about London itself. Yet, this blog is also a space for me to write about the many topics that cross my mind that do not fit on my more content specific blogs #POPChrist and Where the Sidewalks End.

Enjoy and leave a like or a comment when you visit. In this way, you can help me give shape to this blog and its content.

Ian W. Panth

September 2016



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