Bug Day at the Children’s Museum

Drawn by the promise of BUGS, my family and I enjoyed our first trip to London’s Children Museum. It was not my first trip. I was a child when they transformed the school on Wharncliffe into the Children’s Museum. Living in the neighbourhood, I recall a few field trips with Empress Public School to the Museum. We may even have walked to it from the school. On one of these field trips, we went to listen to Dennis Lee who read from his book of poem’s for children Alligator Pie.img_0397

Alligator Pie, Alligator Pie,

If I don’t get some,

I think I’m gonna die. . .

When I saw that the museum was having a “Bug Day” and the admission was free, we just had to go. The exhibits were pretty awesome far more than I expected. Especially far more live insects and arachnids than I anticipated. The exhibitors were all there because they loved these creepy crawlers and so were also quite knowledgable about the various creatures they had brought with them from their own collections and on loan from UWO.

While my kids were a little nervous about holding the Hissing Cockroach, they did end up allowing a Walking Stick to crawl on them. imageAgain, they were too squeamish to eat cheesy meal worms but they did eat the chocolate covered ants. I ate both. I’ve eaten more disgusting things in my day. It is interesting that kids who shy away from eating an insect larva will turn around and eat their own boogers. Chacon son gout!

There was an awesome collection of tarantulas and the exhibitor had exoskeletons on hand for people to touch. The mosquito display was pretty cool as well because there were live mosquitos in all the life stages.

In our own backyards, there is an abundance of life and biodiversity which if we only take a little time and attention we can spark a passion or interest for life in our children.

I believe Bug Day is an annual event. So, keep your eyes open and take the family for a fun experience and enjoy the rest of the Museum’s regular exhibits while you’re there.

Did I mention it was free!

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IWP 09/19/2016


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